Lost Saga Official Teaser Trailer "Choose Your Hero!"

Lost Saga Official Teaser Trailer "Choose Your Hero!"

Many undiscovered years ago, a short ambitious man named Developer K came up with an idea. An idea to revolutionize fighting. An idea to bring fighting styles from not all around the world, but all around time. The then bald headed scientist decided to make such a dream reality. Using a vague, deceptive lab unaffected by the aging limits of the chronos known as “Headquarters”, K began the project labeled as “The Time Gate”. It took several years to perfect the engineering and technology possible to breath such monumental piece of machinery to life, but achieve his goal K did. His bald head grew to a fro capable of causing jealousy to Earth itself. His smooth face became rough as his patches of many unkempt years of work reared themselves onto his face.
Developer K
Dev. K’s eyes grew with anticipation when the finished product lit up in front of his eyes. His scratchy beard breaking into a wide grin, he fixed his wrinkled, labor worked dress shirt into proper form. The blue streak of light from his Time Gate enveloped his vision, illuminating his once dull workstation with gleaming, azure energy. He dashed forward, ready to bring back mercenaries from all across time who were willing to compete in histournament. Thus began the uncharted time of these hero's lives. Thus began a forgotten part of history. A Lost Saga, left behind by the pages of history, was born!






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